Restaurant management software - POS system and tables management for restaurants

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Restaurant manager pro is a cloud based software application to manage restaurants, pizzerias and bars.
No other Restaurant management software can improve your staff efficency and enhance your customers satisfaction better!
With our POS system you can handle any task from everywhere, no hardware is required, no initial fee, and you can connect using any device you want, from your mobile phone to your desktop PC, your tablet, or any other device that can browse the internet!
All what you have to pay is a monthly subscription, that you can renew whenever you want, even month by month paying with your Paypal account, and the 1st month is FREE so that you can test the software first!
Your feedback matters! If you need a new feature that could be useful for every restaurant owner, just contact us and we will implement it as fast as we can in our pos system software!
If you are looking for a restaurant management software look no further!


restaurant management software
star icon Restaurant manager pro has No Setup Fees!
star icon No hardware to buy! You can use any smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop!
star icon Just 34.95 U$ per month for the best restaurant POS System you can get!
star icon 5% discount if you extend 3 months!
star icon 7% discount if you extend 6 months!
star icon 10% discount if you extend 1 year!
star icon Try 1 month for free! If you don't like our restaurant management software there are no contracts involved!

Employees Management

Manage employee
star icon Add, remove and manage employees
star icon Different tags to handle several job types
star icon Different permissions for every employee

Ingredients Management

Manage ingredients
star icon Add, remove and manage ingredients
star icon Warning list to check if an ingredient storage is below a certain amount
star icon Flag all types of allergens
star icon Set cost per storage unit
star icon Set price as addition when requested directly to the table
star icon Set as available/unavailable

Dishes Management

Manage dishes
star icon Add, remove and manage dishes, desserts, drinks and fixed price menus
star icon Add ingredients to each dish type with specific quantity, this will help you to check the recipe and automate ingredients amounts remaining
star icon Create different categories for every dish type and set order priority
star icon Flag vegan, vegetarian, celiac and frozen food
star icon Real time dish cost calculation based on ingredients added and labour cost
star icon Allergens list based on ingredients added
star icon Set as available/unavailable

Tables Management

Restaurant software to manage tables
star icon Add, remove and manage tables and take away orders
star icon Table status (Available, Taken, Booked, Payment request)
star icon "To Prepare" and "To Serve" icons to check whether there are any dishes to prepare or serve to that table/take away
star icon List of allergens on every dish
star icon Dish timer to check how much time passed since it was ordered
star icon Cover charge and discount
star icon Connect table to a customer
star icon Table stay timer
star icon Customizable receipt printing with logos and QR code

Kitchen/Waitress Management

Manage kitchen and waitress
star icon Kitchen staff and waitress can check and flag orders as "Prepared" or "Served"
star icon Customizable prints for "To Prepare" and "To Serve" orders
star icon Orders printable singularly or in bulk

Suppliers/Customers Management

Manage suppliers and customers
star icon Add, remove and manage suppliers and customers that can be connected to a table
star icon Create, remove and manage suppliers orders to increase ingredients quantity


Manage prints
star icon Customizable ingredients inventory prints
star icon Customizable menus with logos and icons
star icon Customizable receipts prints with logos
star icon Customizable orders prints


Restaurant management software statistics
star icon Several types of statistics based on date range
star icon Bars graphs and over time statistics with canvas charts

Much more to come

New updates for our restaurant management software
star icon Our restaurant management software will include soon a 3D tables management interface
star icon Multilanguage to cover restaurants on main countries!
star icon New features added to the software based on restaurant owners feedbacks
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